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Massage Chair Synca JP-3000

The Fujiiryoki JP-3000, crafted by Fujiiryoki in Osaka, Japan, stands as the newest generation massage chair. It seamlessly integrates the groundbreaking 5D massage technology and artificial intelligence, a patented innovation by Fuji Medical Instruments LTD.

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Massage Chair Features

High speed inflation airbag system
Massage through A.I. Analysis
Foot Sole Shiatsu
Footrest Perfect Fit
38 Course Menus
23 Types of Automatic courses
15 part Focus techniques
53 Kneading Massage Techniques
User Customized Mode
Body shape detection
Registration of most relaxing position
Air massage intensity adjustment
High efficiency air pressure
Stretching Menus
Double Heating
Total Relax Position


86cm width, 141cm length, 124cm height (tucked away footrest)
86cm width, 212cm length, 73cm height (reclined with extended footrest)
90cm width including remote control holder
Reclining angle: 117 to 164 degrees
Weight: 96 kg
Power source: 100-240V (50/60Hz)
Power consumption: 125W
Height limit: 195 cm
Weight limit: 140 kg
Material: eco leather
Warranty: Yes
Country of origin: Japan
Free Delivery: Yes
Japan Certification number: 304ABBZX00024000


Foot massage programmes: airbags, rollers, shiatsu
Massage system: 5D+A.I.
Number of airbags: 24
Lymphatic massage zones: shoulders, forearms, buttocks, calves, feet
Heating: Yes (back, torso, foots)
Stretching: Yes (whole body)
Roller massage speed levels: 3
Massage Speed levels for arms: 4
Special Mindfulness Programmes
Artificial Intelligence
Double body Scanning
Deep Muscle Massage

Who uses this type of massage chair?

Sports Players
Office Workers
Active and Healthy Lifestyle
Digital Lifestyle
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