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How massage chairs work?

Electrical massage chairs rely on a combination of electric motors, rollers and vibrating mechanisms. This kind of chair dates back more than half a century the oldest manufacturer is Fujiiryoki (more than 60 years). Over the last few decades they’ve become much more sophisticated and again Fujiiryoki is a leader as it invented the 4D Mecha massage techniques. The simplest massage chairs use a series of vibrating surfaces to provide a massage. To create the massage vibration the weight isn’t centered on the wheel, which makes the wheel unbalanced. When the device’s electric motor rotates the wheel rapidly, the rotation causes a vibration. While no two massage chair manufacturers use the exact same design, there are some general design techniques that apply to most models. If you were to strip away the upholstery of the chair, you’d see a frame that supports a system of motors, gears and rollers. When you’re getting a massage from a massage chair, it’s the rollers that act like a human’s hands. The rollers move in patterns determined by the structure of the frame. Some massage chairs rollers have a limited range of motion — they can only move up and down the back of the chair because they travel along a track attached to the frame. New generation massage chairs come equipped with 3D and 4D massage rollers. With great high review for 3D massage chairs are Inada & Fujiiryoki massage chairs. Fujiiryoki manufacturer is the only one with longer history for producing massage chairs 100 % made in Japan and that provide 12 cm deep massage for maximum health results.

What masage type can a massage chair offer me?

An important function is the massage with air bags ( pillows). Airbag massage for the back airbag massage for the legs, foot & hands. Our selection of massage chairs can perform a variety of massage techniques, such as:

Kneading — the rollers move in a circular pattern

Rolling — the rollers move up and down the backrest

Tapping — the rollers alternate pushing in and out from the backrest, simulating the popular “karate chop” massage technique

Gripping — the chair includes devices that grip user’s legs or arms in a snug hold before releasing

Shiatsu — the rollers press against certain points on the user’s back (sometimes called acupoints) to relieve tension

FAQ – What is a 4D massage chair?

Another recent development in massage chair rollers is the 3D and 4D options. A 2D massage roller is a roller that can move along the track either up and down, or left and right (essentially, in two dimensions or 2D). A 3D massage roller can do this as well as moving in and out of the massage chair (three dimensions), which can provide a deeper massage than a 2D massage chair. The latest developments in massage chair rollers are now referred to as 4D, which means that the speed and timing of the 3D rollers can be controlled and varied to provide a larger range of massage techniques and a more accurate replication of a massage therapist’s hands. A massage chair with 4D rollers gives a deeper and more thorough massage, providing greater relief to sore muscles. A 4D massage chair that can massage your back and your bottom. These chairs are pretty rare as the tech is new and some don’t do it as well as it is many companies advertise our 4D Mecha is the only massage chair at the moment that can perform a real 4D massage The rollers can move left and right, or even in circles and it enable a mechanical arm’s movements. New generation massage chairs use Artificial intelligence.

Can the massage chair intensity be adjusted?

Many massage chairs allow the user to adjust the intensity of the massage. There are two main ways to adjust the intensity. One is to change how far the rollers move away from the frame when in massage mode. The second is to mount the frame on a pivot in the backrest, allowing it to move closer to or further away from the user’s back.

What is airbag massage?

Common technique used by massage therapists is to grip and squeeze large muscles firmly for a few seconds before releasing them. This can help relieve tension in tight muscles, prompting them to relax.

Our massage chairs use multiple airbags to squeeze each arm and leg. Our chairs are all equipped with airbags for massage. The airbags are located all over the chair to deliver relief to your entire body. These airbags squeeze, compress, knead, roll and relax the body. When compressing the airbags are working in a wave-like motion to loosen up muscle tension or pushing the muscles deeper into the rollers for a deeper massage. When kneading the airbags are mimicking the motion of human hands to help promote circulation. They even work in wave-like motions on some of the chairs to help smooth away tension.

Specialist recomendation: A massage chair purpose is to be used for at least 15 years time on regular basis. The squeezing sensation needs to be actually very comforting and never too intense.­ Choosing the right massage chair is simple as the only products that offer high health advantages are the Fujiiryoki Quality. Fujiiryoki are made under medical specialists test and are medical certificate.