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Massage Chair Panasonic MA70

Panasonic MA70: Uncover the revolutionary advancements in heated massage therapy.
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Massage Chair Features

3D Massage
Ultra Kneading: yes
Gentle Kneading: yes
Shiatsu Massage
Rolling Massage
Tapping Massage
Junetsu Massage
Thumb-like massage roller
Heated massage rollers
Stretching: Yes (Shoulder blades stretch/pelvis stretch)
Trunk twisting
Intensity adjustment: yes
Flat recline: yes (170 degrees)
Adjustable foot rest: yes
Automatic Massage programs: 6
Massage techniques: 108 (can be combined)


95cm width, 122cm length, 115cm height (tucked away footrest)
95cm width, 202cm length, 66cm height (reclined with extended footrest)
Minimum distance from wall: 40 cm
Reclining angle: 120 to 170 degrees
Weight: 87 kg
Power source: AC120V (60Hz)
Rated current: 2.5 A
Automatic shut off: after 16 min
Control Stand
Material: faux leather
Warranty: Yes
Free Delivery: Yes
Safety Lock


Shoulder Massage
Hand and Arm Massage
Hip and thigh massage
Buttock, Pelvis and Thigh Stretch
Calf Kneading
Wider Range for neck and shoulder
Refresh massage program
Hip Massage program
Lower Back Massage Program
Deep Massage program
Stretching: yes (leg, arm, shoulder)
Voice Guidance System

Who uses this type of massage chair?

Sports Players
Office Workers
Active and Healthy Lifestyle
Digital Lifestyle
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