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Massage Chair Osaki Pro Premium JP-1000

Introducing the Japanese Osaki JP-1000 Massage Chair Premium, a pivotal model that encapsulates the core of Fujiiryoki technology.

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Massage Chair Features

Deep Kiwami Mecha Pro
In-Depth Approach Massage
12 stage strength adjustment
Mechanical Massage
41 types of knead techniques
85 kinds of knead techniques
Airbags number: 31
Triple mode air system
Tri0ple Mode air system
Flat Position
Calf muscle massage
Power Stretch
21 types of auto courses
Double Heater
Power Stretch
Swing stretch


76cm width, 118cm length, 122cm height (tucked away footrest)
88cm width, 200cm length, 70cm height (reclined with extended footrest)
68cm minimum width before assembly
Reclining angle: 110 to 157 degrees
Weight: 74 kg
Power source: AC100V (50/60Hz)
Power consumption: 130W
Rated time: 30 minutes
Accessories included: Yes (back pad/pillow)
Material: eco leather
Warranty: Yes
Country of origin: Japan
Free Delivery: Yes
Japan certification number: 227ABBZX00084000


Sciatic focus massage
Perfect fitting footrest
3 types of foot stretches
Lymphatic massage zones: shoulders, arms, waist and pelvic
Heating: Yes (shoulder blade, back of the foot and heel)
Stretching: Yes (part stretch and swing)
Roller strength adjustment: 12 stages
S shape line detection system
Full Color Touch Panel Remote Control
VIP Course
Sommelier course
Memory Courses

Who uses this type of massage chair?

Sports Players
Office Workers
Active and Healthy Lifestyle
Digital Lifestyle