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Massage Chair Ogawa Master Sensei

The latest in the Master Series, the OGAWA Master Sensei massage chair, is crafted to seamlessly adjust to your body’s requirements, providing targeted relief for sore muscles and joint pain with precision. Experience a massage chair that effectively addresses your concerns every time.

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Massage Chair Features

4D Massage
Massage levels: 7
Manul programs: 30
Auto Programs: 12
M8- GEN processor
4D Silicone rollers
Airbag Massage: 54 points
Zero Gravity
Power Stretch
Flat Position
Acupressure Foot Massage
3 types of body trunk relaxing techniques
Thigh massage
Automatic altitude detector
Heat Therapy
Zero Gravity


81cm width, 160cm length, 119cm height (tucked away footrest)
84cm width, 194cm length, 108cm height (reclined with extended footrest)
Automatic standby: 15 min
Model: OG7888
Weight: 125 kg
Power source: AC220-240 V (50/60Hz)
Power consumption: 160W
Built-in touch screen
Free Delivery: yes
Material: high quality synthetic leather
Warranty: Yes


Alive Touch (more than A.I. engine)
Precision Sensor
Acupressure point detector sensor
M sensing SL-Track
3D knee therapy
Light therapy: Yes
Bluetooth Speaker
Customisable massage program

Who uses this type of massage chair?

Sports Players
Office Workers
Active and Healthy Lifestyle
Digital Lifestyle
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