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Massage Chair Ogawa Cosmos X

The OGAWA Cosmos X invites you into a timeless realm, incorporating pressure point therapy, heated air pressure massage, and a 3D Guasha foot Roller. This intelligent 3D massage chair not only provides advanced massage technologies but also integrates lifestyle enhancements for a complete relaxation experience, allowing you to indulge in a state of total relaxation and well-being.

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Massage Chair Features

3D Massage
Automatic programs: 6
Manual settings
Foot Rollers: yes
Extended SL Track
Zero Gravity Design
Air pressure massage
Thai massage
Body Scanner: yes
Bluetooth: 5.0
Heat therapy: yes
Deep sleep and relaxation program


75cm width, 112cm length, 105cm height (tucked away footrest)
75cm width, 174cm length, 80cm height (reclined with extended footrest)
Net Weight: 89 kg
Gross Weight: 74 kg
Model: OG-7266
Power source: AC220V (50/60Hz)
Power consumption: 80W
Free Delivery: Yes
Warranty: Yes


Lumbar massage program
Text-neck massage program
Glamour program
Workaholic massage program
X-pert massage techniques
S+L track
Zero gravity

Who uses this type of massage chair?

Sports Players
Office Workers
Active and Healthy Lifestyle
Digital Lifestyle
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